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Friday, 31 December 2010

The best way to cook vegetables.

Getting the very best from what you eat is important. Some methods of cooking vegetables pretty much destroys any of the goodness they contain. Vitamins C and B are the ones most at risk of being destroyed by cooking. Both of these vitamins are very heat sensitive and water soluble, a double whammy when it comes to boiling.

With this in mind the very best way to cook vegetables is by microwaving them until they are almost cooked through and then steaming them right at the end. This method will ensure that not only are your veggies still a little crisp and tasty but they will have the maximum amount of vitamins too.

A different method is needed when dealing with vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes. Both are very high in the pigment lycopene, this pigment is best absorbed by the body when it is cooked. Add a little oil to the cooking water of carrots also helps with lycopene absorption. Stir fry tomatoes for a couple of minutes or use them to make a sauce for pasta.

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