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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

How to make potted cheese.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year but it can also be a time of waste. Most of us are guilty of buying too much food in the festive season and as someone who hates to throw anything away, I am always looking at new ways to use up old food. If you find you have left over bits and pieces of cheese, it doesn't matter how many different kinds you have they all mix well in this recipe, then make a potted cheese. Potted cheese can be spread on toast for a light lunch or supper dish. It also goes great with crackers for a buffet, just spread it and then top with slices of cherry tomatoes and a basil leaf or olives.

Weigh the cheese you are going to use and measure out half that weight in softened butter or vegan spread. Grate the cheese into a large bowl, add the butter or spread and a couple of spoonfulls of sherry. Add a little mustard, salt and pepper to taste. This dish tastes really good if you use wholegrain mustard as the seeds give it texture and interest. Now beat the whole lot together until it is very smooth, use a food processor or stick blender, or a simple wooden spoon and a lot of effort! Pot up the cheese mixture in a dish and keep in the fridge until about thirty minutes before you are going to use it.

My family like to have this potted cheese on warm croissants and my meat eater husband tells me it taste wonderful with ham in a sandwich or roll.

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