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Sunday, 2 January 2011

How to make vegetarian friendly beauty products.

As a dedicated vegetarian not only do I watch what I put inside my body but I am careful about just what I put on it too. So many beauty products that you can buy over the counter have either been tested on animals or contain animal ingredients. Neither of which I find acceptable, so I tend to make a lot of my own from storecupboard ingredients. It is quick and easy, they work and I know exactly what goes into them.

How to make facemasks for dry skin.

Cucumber mask. Mash together one small ripe cucumber and a handful of oatmeal, add a little natural yoghurt to make an easy to spread consistency, chill this mixture in the fridge for an hour and then apply to the face. Leave on for fifteen minutes and then rinse off. This is a very good face mask for dry skin and for reviving tired looking skin.

Honey mask. This one is the simplest of the lot just spread some honey on your face lie back and relax for thirty minutes then rinse off with warm water. What could be easier than that!

Banana mask. Cut up one very ripe banana and a spoonful of runny honey, cream together until very smooth, apply to the face for ten minutes then rinse off.

Avocado mask. Cream the flesh of a ripe avocado and mix it with a teaspoon of olive oil. Apply and leave for ten minutes before removing.

How to make exfoliating masks.

Oatmeal scrub. Mix together a handful of oatmeal, 1 teaspoonful of bicarbonate of soda and enough water to make a soft paste. Apply to the face and massage gently for five minutes, leave on for a further five minutes then rinse off.

Brown sugar scrub. Mix a handful of brown sugar with a little warm olive oil, massage over the face for a few minutes then rinse off.

How to make a mask for oily skin.

Egg and strawberry mask. Take two egg whites, a handful of ripe strawberries, a splash of lemon juice and a little honey. Mix together well until you have a creamy paste, apply to the skin for ten minutes, then rinse.

How to make a rejuvenating mask.

Tomato mask. Mix together tomato puree with a little olive oil and the yolk of an egg. Spread all over the face and neck and leave on for at least twenty minutes before washing off.

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